The women of Lod say NO to violence against women

On June 2021, KinoClan launched a pocket film workshop on violence against women in the city of Lod. The participants came from all over the city. The participants, who came from all over the city, sought to make a loud and clear voice against the rising violence against women, within the family and in society in general. And even though there’s only one bottom line, the group members gathered once a week to raise questions, share thoughts and try to distill what violence is for each and every one of them.Soon the women found in each other a source of empathy, support and empowerment. They shared feelings, thoughts and personal stories and many insights were sharpened. The participants wanted to pass these insights on to the community. In a joint creative process, they planned and wrote dramatic scenes – everyday situations that express what violence is from their points of view. As part of a special shooting day we invited two professional actors, and the participants directed the scenes they wrote, taking back control of the narrative. The group’s joint pocket film was screened in a community event on the International Day against Violence against Women, in November 2021. The project was a joint initiative of several bodies in the Municipality of Lod.