A POCKET is an inner, intimate space one carries on her body. A POCKET is a womb, a habitat, an incubator for infant POCKET animals. A POCKET is a separate, defined territory, a group of people who have something in common. In your POCKET are notes, money, keys, things that must not be lost.

In the era of digital media, each and every one of us carries a smartphone in her pocket. KinoClan is launching a new hands-on pocket film workshop, encouraging women to tell their own stories using audiovisual language. The workshop engages the participants in a social-creative process and provides them with basic cinematic tools that will turn the smartphone into a tool for self-expression.


"Today was the last session of an inspirational pocket film workshop facilitated by Dana Goldberg. What a privilege it was for me to participate! I learned a lot about myself, as well as about accessible and intuitive photography. I met tremendous and exciting women whose openness made me lower my defenses and get out of my comfort zone."

Lynn Weizmann

"Recently, I have been rediscovering Arad after moving to a house on the edge of the desert, and also thanks to small initiatives, like the one that brought Dana Goldberg to the artist residency program. During her stay, an amazing group of women, most of us from Arad, met every week to create pocket films. And so, beyond the exciting encounter with wonderful women and an inspirational film director, I deepened the connection to the city."

Maskit Houdsman