In The Hood / Lod 2021

A group of women from Lod created a joint pocket film about their neighborhood

King Solomon Street is one of the areas selected to participate in an extensive urban renewal program in the city of Lod. In a process of accelerated development, the neighborhood is expected to change completely within a few years. Seeing that as an opportunity to strengthen the community, the Ministry of Construction and Housing initiated a joint project with the Lod Community Center for Mediation and Dialogue and the Urban Renewal Administration – In The Hood – a hands-on pocket film workshop. The workshop was developed and moderated by Dana Goldberg, a film director and Creative director of KinoClan [NGO]. For two months, a group of women residents of King Solomon Street created a joint video about their neighborhood, preparing for the changes it will undergo. The video will be screened at a festive community event later this year.