KinoClan curates and distributes audio-visual programs as well as selected single videos produced in our pocket film workshops or in other frameworks of similar orientation. The programs are modular and can be built according to various criteria – theme, target audience, Etc. Our screenings are followed by a Q&A, a masterclass or a practical pocket film workshop, facilitated by a member of KinoClan’s team.


A group of women gathers in one room, in a small, southern city, at the end of the summer. Each woman introduces herself, chooses a seat around the big table and takes out her smartphone. Someone says “they won’t ask us to turn off our phones here”, and for a moment they all laugh together. That is correct. Here they will not be asked to turn off their phones. They will not be asked to put them aside till the end of the session. On the contrary. In this space, which we share once a week for a month, these women will be asked to turn their phones on. To open their browsers and apps as if they were books or notebooks – to acquire a new language.

(25 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, 2018)


In their first encounter with the language of cinema, six art students look to their near surroundings. With no special effects and not one drop of make-up, using the rough visual language of the smartphone’s camera – intimate interiors, open fields or a city’s roaming streets – all react like tuning forks to the emotional frequencies of the creators and play leading roles in their tiny, lyrical and hyper-vulnerable cinematic works.

(25 min, Hebrew, English subtitles, 2018)